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Right now, the Public Utilities Commission is considering a request form Minnesota Power that could raise your rates by nearly 15% this year. If approved, this will be the second consecutive year that Minnesota Power residential customers will have seen their rates increase. When the two increases are combined your rates could be up to 25% higher.

And, it gets worse. As a residential customer for Minnesota Power, you are being asked to shoulder a rate hike that is three times higher than big businesses in your area. This is simply unfair. 

When utility bills go up it hits everyone's pocketbook, especially those on fixed incomes or struggling to make ends meet. Your voice can make the difference in making sure you pay only what is fair and reasonable for reliable utility service.  


Take action NOW! Sign our petition TODAY and tell the Public Utilities Commission that Minnesota Power's request is unfair.  

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MN Power's Rate Request is Unfair- Docket Number E0015/GR-16-664

Dear  Public Utilities Commission

Please carefully consider the request from Minnesota Power to raise my electrical rates by 15%. This increase, on top of an increase approved last year that could be up to 10%, is simply unfair. Why are we expected to shoulder double digit increases year after year, when big businesses in our own community only see increases of 4% or 5%?

Minnesotans aren't opposed to paying our fair share but a 25% increase over two years and asking residential customers to shoulder a rate hike that is three times greater than large businesses is not fair.

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