Duke Energy Turns Up The Heat On Residential Consumers

It’s the hottest week of the year, but things may get much hotter when it comes to your electricity bill. Duke Energy is asking for a rate increase averaging about $20 a month for North Carolina residential consumers beginning in 2018.

Even worse this time, is Duke wants you the ratepayer to pay to clean up the environmental mess it made with coal ash, when ratepayers were paying Duke all along to abide by the environmental rules. AARP believes that environmental cleanup is the company’s responsibility to pay, not consumers like you.

With public hearings not scheduled until November, AARP wants to make sure that your concerns about future utility affordability are heard by the Commission and Public Staff.

Please let the Utilities Commission we cannot afford higher energy bills.

If you think paying on average of $240 a year more for your electricity is too much, make sure your concerns are part of the public record by sharing your opposition or story below.


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