Empire wants to hike your rates by $42 a month!

Empire District electric is asking the Corporation Commission to increase your rates by $42 PER MONTH in the next four years!  How will they do that?  By phasing in higher rates, a bit at a time. The trick is, Empire will charge you for the full rate amount they didn't get and make you pay it in year four, plus interest.  This amounts to $42 more PER MONTH on the average customer's bill.  That's $500 more in a year!  Talk about rate shock! 

NOW is the time to make your voice heard!  The Commission hasn't yet ruled on this phase-in plan.  Send this letter to the Commissioners NOW and tell them you can't afford this drastic hike in your rates, and you certainly can't afford $42 a MONTH more on your bill.  In the large box below, you can tell the Commission in your own words what kind of tough choices you'd have to make if Empire was granted this outrageous increase.  


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a customer of Empire District electric utility, I write to ask that you REJECT Empire's request to raise rates by $2.6 million. That's going to mean an increase of up to $25 on my monthly bill! I also request that you reject Empire's request to double my customer charges.

I especially urge you REJECT the phase-in plan recommended by the ALJ that will increase my rates and charges in year four by an additional $42 per MONTH! How can anyone afford that?

As a residential customer of Empire, I am asking that you vote NO on their request to raise my rates by $25 per month and double my fixed monthly charge. Please vote NO on the phase-in plan. I simply cannot afford that kind of drastic increase in my monthly bills. Thank you.

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