National Grid customers: Speak up now or pay more later!

National Grid has asked the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) for big increases in your electric and gas delivery rates: 17.5% for electric and 20.5% for natural gas. This translates to an increase of over $200 per year for the average residential electric and gas customer.

In addition to this $331 million rate increase proposal, National Grid wants to spend close to a billion dollars in ratepayers’ money to replace everybody's meters with "smart meters." Inexplicably, they're proposing this costly smart meter roll-out before even completing a pilot program to establish how much value these meters would actually offer for ratepayers.

The bottom line is that this massive rate hike would hit upstate ratepayers hard. Please take a moment to tell the PSC to stand up for consumers and reject the rate hike.


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Please say no to the National Grid Rate Hikes (cases 17-E-0238 and 17-G-0239)

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