Millstone Investigation


Right now, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are investigating if the Millstone Nuclear Power plant should get special treatment that will increase your electric rates (Docket # 17-07-32).  Please tell them to say no to Millstone unless they provide full disclosure of their financial need before any special deals. 



  • PURA & DEEP Commissioners


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Say "NO" To Speacial Deals for Millstone Nuclear without disclosure!

Dear PURA & DEEP [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to voice my support for requiring that the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant be required to demonstrate financial need before the consideration of any special deals . [Docket # 17-07-32].

The bottom line is that we cannot just accept Millstones word that they need help to stay open, they must prove it with disclosure. Without that, then their claims must be dismissed!

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