Older Montanans will lose out without our help


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Older Montanans will lose out without your help!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I understand that Montana is facing a fiscal crisis, but if policymakers don't come together, here is what older Montanans will lose:
* $20 million of Medicaid services that provide care in homes or assisted living - cut
* Hospice care for Medicaid recipients - eliminated
* Health care coverage for certain Medicaid health care workers - gone
* 16 adult protective services offices - closed
* Over $45 million of personal care services that help people stay in their homes - cut
* Funding to reform the adult guardianship system - gone
* Prescription drug assistance for over 10,000 seniors - eliminated
* Cut $1.4 million dollars for Medicaid incontinence supplies

These are essential services for some older Montanans. As a state, we can do better than this for our most vulnerable citizens. I urge you to come together to find the resources to prevent cuts like these.

Thanks for listening.

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