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We have the rare opportunity to change this without legislative action. 

Send your email right now to ask them to consider public proposal #700670 prohibiting a Florida utility company from charging you, the ratepayer, the upfront costs for a proposed plant or exploratory project before any service is delivered. 

Help us push back against these state-created monopolies. If the state legislature won’t do it, it’s up to us.  

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Dear Commissioner, 

I am writing in support of PUB 700670: Prohibition of Early Cost Recovery in Utility Ratemaking.

In 2006, Florida lawmakers eliminated the upfront risk for utility shareholders and investors. The Nuclear Cost Recovery law shifted the danger to power company customers. Now, customers pay the early financing costs of nuclear projects with the high probability that many projects will fail and ratepayers get nothing for their money. All the while, utilities get their cut and shareholders earn a profit.
PUB 700670 would not only undo the harm to ratepayers that the Nuclear Cost Recovery law has done, but also prohibit future forms of advance cost recovery in utility ratemaking. For example, a 2017 legislative proposal (HB 1048 & SB 1238) would have allowed Florida electric utility companies to use residential customers' money to finance exploration and drilling ventures seeking natural gas in other states. This legislation ultimately failed, with the only public support coming from the Florida electric utility industry.
I believe the Constitution Revision Commission should support PUB 700670, a needed reform to help ensure that Florida ratepayers are protected from unfair, unjust and unreasonable charges on their monthly utility bill. Charges based on nonoperational property of a utility should be prohibited.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter. I know you will do the right thing to protect the people of Florida from more rate hikes.

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