Increase Access to Crucial Services

Statewide, thousands of older New Yorkers are unable to get the home- and community-based services they need to live as independently as possible in their own home.  Help with rides to the doctor, grocery shopping, bathing, and home delivered meals can mean the difference between staying at home or entering a nursing home.

 These programs can also greatly relieve the burden on family caregivers who care for their loved ones and need a little extra help. New York State should make an additional investment in home- and community-based care that not only assists older persons but their family caregivers as well. These program cost a fraction of what it costs to enter into a nursing home, which is unfortunately the choice many have to make when they don't have access to these services to help them stay at home.

Please take a moment to urge your state lawmakers to provide adequate funding to these programs as part of the upcoming state budget, helping more older New Yorkers age at home.



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