The North Carolina Rate Bureau has proposed to raise homeowner insurance rates an average of 18.7 percent.  In Durham and Wake counties, they'd go up by 21.9%.  In Cumberland, Johnston and Nash counties, homeowners will be impacted by a 25% increase.

If you are a renter you also need to beware, your rental insurance could increase 30 to 40 percent under the current proposal.

Add this rate increase to the no less than 14 percent more you will pay for your electricity in 2018 and medical cost increases that outpace inflation and wages, and suddenly retirement security feels a lot less secure.

Public hearings on the insurance proposal have been far from public. Little attention and low attendance at the hearings means that the Department of Insurance is receiving very little pushback from homeowners.

We need to change that, and we need to act quickly. The comment deadline for the NC Department of Insurance is December 29. It’s not too late to make your voice heard.  If this proposal is one you cannot afford, send your comments in right away.

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