Say NO to Special Deals for the Profitable Millstone Nuclear Power Plant!


An Investigation by the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has concluded that the Millstone Nuclear Power plant will be profitable through the year 2035.


Millstone Power is asking the state for a special deal that would cause you to pay more for electricity and would result in bigger profits for Dominion.  Dominion has refused to provide a full disclose of their financial status to regulators.  Based on the regulators draft report on the fiscal health of Millstone, they have concluded they are profitable until at least 2035. 


We need your help to ensure that regulators reject any special treatment for Millstone or other generators unless they fully open up their books.  Any deal must not subsidize profits on the backs of Connecticut ratepayers, who pay the highest electric rates in the continental US. 


Contact PURA and DEEP Commissioners now and tell them to say no to special treatment to the profitable Millstone power plant!

Thank you.


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Dear PURA & DEEP [Decision Maker],

I am submitting these comments in support of the finding that found the Millstone power plant will be profitable through 2035 making it unlikely to close.

I ask you as a ratepayer in Connecticut to Say NO to Special Deals for the Profitable Millstone Nuclear Power Plant!

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