Tell the Oregon Legislature to improve the Advance Directive form:

An “Advance Directive” is an important document to protect your wishes for health care and treatment if you cannot speak for yourself. 

However, Oregon’s advance directive form has not been updated since 1993, and many people find it confusing to fill out and doesn’t fully capture one’s personal values. House Bill 4135 will update Oregon’s advance directive form to make it easier to complete.
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Improve the Advance Directive form.

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge your support for House Bill 4135, which would update Oregon's advance directive law and encourage Oregon families to have (and document) more valuable discussions about their health care values and wishes. The current form, created in 1993, reduces sensitive decisions to a checklist.

Oregon's current form is difficult to complete and does not allow me or my family to provide values-based statements to guide my doctor and health care representative in my care.
HB 4135 is about protecting my rights and care choices. It is also a result of in depth work among consumers, health providers, ethicists, attorneys and others where different viewpoints came together to create this bill.

Please tell your fellow lawmakers that you support HB 4135. Thank you!

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