Protect Vulnerable Homeowners - Reject SB 6005

AARP Washington is calling on our Washington State Senate to reject Senate Bill 6005 (SB6005).  The legislators' own bill report states, “The bill removes the incentive for financers to come to the table with homeowners to prevent foreclosure. The existing law protects homeowners and the bill hurts those protections. The bill shifts the burden from lienholders to treasurers and prosecutors and increases the liability for county treasurers.” 

While the bill is called Protecting Lienholders’ While Retaining Consumer Protections, legislative staff note that there are already plenty of laws that protect lienholders.

We need you to act today! Please e-mail your Senator and urge them to oppose SB 6005.


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Protect Vulnerable Homeowners - Reject SB 6005

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