Urge Legislators to Support SB 351 and Cut Through the Red Tape for Rural Healthcare Access

AARP is fighting to break down the barriers that prevent advanced practice nurses from providing cost effective care. Advanced practice nurses possess the training and skills necessary to directly care for patients, including older individuals who need to receive care at home to continue living independently--and stay out of costly nursing homes.

Under this legislation, Georgians in rural and underserved areas will no longer be denied direct access to advanced practice nurses who have the training and skills to provide primary care for patients.

In Georgia, there are 31 counties with no internal medicine physicians, and six counties without family physicians. APRNs have many overlapping skill sets with the physician providers for which there is a shortage most pronounced in rural Georgia.

Support SB 351 and remove unnecessary regulatory barriers to high quality care.


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Support SB 351 and cut through the red tape for rural healthcare access

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