Tell your state legislators – we need to start reining in drug prices today!

Have you had to make a difficult choice between paying for medications and other needs? Do you know people who have?

Drug prices are out of control. Prices of brand-name prescription drugs increased almost 130 times faster than inflation did in 2015 alone.

Oregon House Bill 4005 will shine a light on why these drugs cost so much and keep increasing in price.

Please tell your state legislators today that we need transparency of prescription drug prices!

If you have a personal story about how you have been affected by the high and rising costs of prescription drugs, please edit the message to include your story so they know how this could help everyday Oregonians.


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Please help rein in the high cost of prescription drugs

Dear [Decision Maker],

Prescription drug prices are out of control. When medication prices can skyrocket overnight at rates far above inflation, we are left wondering why.

I urge you to support HB 4005 because sunlight is the best disinfectant. Shining a light on why medications keep going up in price will be one step in preventing or reducing future increases.

This is an important first step to making our medications more affordable. Please vote yes on HB 4005.

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