Ask your Senator to sign on to HB 1013 as a co-author today! 

It’s time to help solve Oklahoma’s health crisis and allow nurse practitioners to have full practice authority. Nurse Practitioners have been granted full practice authority in 22 state and D.C. It is time for Oklahoma to join those ranks. HB 1013 allows nurse practitioners to practice to their full training and education. In addition: 

  • HB 1013 expands access to healthcare especially in our underserved rural areas.

  • HB 1013 also expands access to care to better enable older individuals to live independently at home.

  • HB 1013 does not require you to see a nurse practitioner, only expands the option! 

  • HB 1013 is supported by 86% of Oklahomans according to a SoonerPoll conducted in 2016 and a survey conducted by AARP in 2017. 

It’s time for the bill to be heard, and a vote be taken. Use the form below to email your Senator today and ask him or her to sign on to HB 1013 as a co-author. Let’s not delay care any longer. Let’s vote on HB 1013 today! 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to make Oklahoma a better place. Allowing nurse practitioners to practice to their full training and ability is one way in which we can make Oklahoma even better. HB 1013 grants nurse practitioners full practice authority and can help alleviate the healthcare shortage in Oklahoma. Pleas sign on as a co-author today!

A poll conducted by SoonerPoll found that 86% of Oklahomans favor full practice authority for nurse practitioners. Please reach out to your colleagues and senate leadership and request that HB1013 receive a hearing. Please also consider signing on as a co-author today. I greatly appreciate your service to our state, and hope you will assist in improving access to care for all Oklahomans. Thank you so much for your help.

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