Ask your Representative to Vote to Protect Life, Vote Yes on HB 2537!

Take Action TODAY to Protect Oklahoma’s Most Vulnerable

Last year 11 residents of a nursing home in Florida died when their facility lost power and could not operate the air conditioning system. Let’s not allow that to happen in natural disaster prone Oklahoma.

Currently there is no requirement for assisted living centers to have back-up power. It is time for that to change. HB 2537 will require assisted living centers to have enough backup power to heat and cool the facility as well as keep food and medicine safe.

TAKE ACTION TODAY to protect Oklahoma’s most vulnerable! Tell your representative to vote YES on HB 2537. Use the form on this page to email your representative or call him or her toll free at 1-844-248-8227.

Thank you for standing up to protect life. Thank you for taking action!  




Chad Mullen
AARP Oklahoma 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Please vote yes on HB 2537, the bill requiring back up power in assisted living centers. HB 2537 is a common sense bill that allows assisted living centers ample time to make a small investment to help protect the health and safety of some of Oklahoma's most vulnerable citizens. Last year in Florida, 11 elderly individuals lost their life during a power outage. Let's not let that happen here.

Oklahoma is a state prone to natural disasters and extended power outages. HB 2537 is a common sense measure that will protect the lives of Oklahomans living in assisted living centers. Please vote yes on HB 2537 and help protect the health and safety of our states most vulnerable citizens. I appreciate your support!

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