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By taking action you will join AARP's online network and will receive urgent news and action alerts about the issues that matter the most to older Americans, as well as information about AARP activities, events, and member benefits.


Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and an AARP supporter, I urge you to take immediate action to make sure that millions of older Americans and people with disabilities aren't left without the rehabilitation services they need.

Since January 1, these vulnerable Americans have had to pay completely out-of-pocket for physical, occupational, and speech therapy as soon as a few weeks after a stroke or fall. It could leave many seniors forced to ration their care, or face bankruptcy.

Seniors have worked hard and paid into Medicare their entire lives, and they deserve full access to the care they've earned. Please immediately fix this harmful policy so seniors can get the rehabilitation services they need to stay independent.

[Your Name]
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[City, State ZIP]