Our Retired Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers and Public Servants Deserve a Cost-of-Living Adjustment!

You may not know, but AARP’s founder first founded the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) and AARP and NRTA have always maintained a strong relationship. In addition, many of AARP Oklahoma’s members are retired police officers, fire fighters, teachers or state employees. As such, we fully support our retired public servants.

Currently there is a bill in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, HB 2985, by Representative Frix that would provide a 4% cost-of-living adjustment to our retired police officers, firefighters, teachers and public servants, something they have not had in 10 years!

The best part about HB 2985 is that it does not cost the tax payers anything and has almost no impact on the pension systems. This is a common sense bill that needs to be heard.

Please call 1-844-248-8226 or use the form on this page to tell your state representative to let HB 2985 be heard. The deadline for the bill to be heard is March 15th, so please take action today!



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I am writing today to ask that you let HB 2985, the COLA bill, be heard. HB 2985 has no impact on the state budget and hardly any impact at all on the pension system. Our state's firefighters, police officers, teachers and public servants have not had a cost-of-living adjustment in 10 years--a full decade.

Thank you for your consideration of HB 2985 and I hope you will allow it to be heard. With no cost to taxpayers, and hardly any impact to the pension systems, HB 2985 is a common sense bill that will greatly help our retirees deal with ever increasing costs.

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