Protect Minnesota Seniors - Give HF 3468 / SF 3088 a Hearing


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Dear [Decision Maker],

In 2016, 25,000 elder abuse reports were received by the Minnesota Department of Health. These reports included elders being robbed, sexually assaulted, neglected, and beaten. Sadly, over 90% of these cases were never investigated and the abusers went largely unpunished.

This must stop! Minnesota's seniors are relying on you to fix a broken system that leaves so many vulnerable to attack. The long-term care industry is asking for more time to examine the issue. In the meantime, the Department of Health continues to receive an average of 400 reports of abuse a week.

Please give HF 3468/ SF 3088 a hearing. Consumers deserve to have their voices heard. This bill would require all assisted living facilities be licensed by the state, increase penalties on facilities that have substantiated abuse findings, and strengthen the legal rights of residents to include access to the courts to enforce their rights.

Minnesota seniors are counting on you. They can't wait any longer for the state to further examine this issue. They need you to stand up for them. Don't leave St. Paul this session without first protecting our seniors.

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