Virtual Visitation

Many Louisianans are currently receiving care in a nursing facility, and HB 281 will provide these residents, and their family members, with an ability to install a video monitoring device in their room. 

HB 281 is an opportunity for virtual visitation that will help family caregivers to remain connected with their loved ones, and to make them an active part of the resident’s care team. 

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This bill will:

Give families and their loved ones the option to install a monitoring device in their loved one's nursing home room

The resident or family caregiver must provide notice to the nursing facility that a device is being installed, and written consent provided by any other nursing home resident who shares the same room

The resident will provide a notice of release from nursing facility liability for privacy violations related to the use of the device.

The expense of the device, and any associated costs to operate or maintain the device, is entirely the responsibility of the resident and/or their family caregiver.

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