New Yorkers now have a Secure Choice!

Thank State Lawmakers for Helping More New Yorkers Save for the Future

Over half of private sector workers in New York State have no access to a retirement savings plan at work, which creates a significant barrier toward saving for the future. To help bridge this gap, Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers recently passed a state-facilitated retirement savings option, known as the "Secure Choice Savings Program." When the program is fully implemented in two years, Secure Choice will provide a convenient way for people to save on the job, and to continue saving if they change jobs.

The Secure Choice Savings Program will help more New Yorkers take control of their future, helping them grow savings so they can handle the rising cost of health care and basic needs. The program will be optional for employers and employees, and will be a convenient new tool for businesses who currently don't offer their employees a way to save through payroll deduction.

By passing the Secure Choice Savings Program in the final state budget, Governor Cuomo and your state legislators are empowering more New Yorkers to save for their future. Please take a moment to thank them for taking action on this important issue.


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