Protect Minnesota Seniors - Pass a Stronger Bill

"My mom was left in her bed with a broken leg until I came to see her and called 911. No one bothered to find out why her leg hurt." Unfortunately, this caregiver's story is not rare. The Minnesota Department of Health receives a weekly average of about 400 new cases of abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities - that's approximately 20,800 cases a year. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Minnesota's seniors are relying on you to fix a broken system that leaves so many vulnerable to abuse and neglect. While the Minnesota Department of Health has worked to close the back log of elder abuse complaints, the agency continues to receive an average of 400 reports of abuse a week. This is an epidemic, not an isolated incident.

Please strengthen HF 3138. This bill makes only minor adjustments to Minnesota's criminal, civil, and administrative safeguards against abuse in senior care facilities. Without significant changes, HF 3138 does very little to protect vulnerable adults. It provides:
- No protections against unfair discharges
- No protections against unfair or deceptive marketing practices
- No protections against retaliation
- No ability to enforce consumer rights and protections

Minnesota seniors are counting on you. I'm asking you to pass a stronger bill that strengthens and enforces the rights of residents and provides protections for residents of assisted living facilities.

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