Tell Govenor Murphy New Jersey Doesn't Need a Nuke Tax! 

Right now legislation is sitting on the Governor’s desk to impose an unfair $300 million a year new Nuke Tax on every New Jersey electric consumer in order to give a subsidy to already profitable nuclear power corporations in the Garden State  - and even to corporations that own nuclear power plants in other states.  And this new tax would be on top of what is already a big burden for everyone – the  11th highest electricity prices in the country. 

The cost of this scheme would likely be very steep, potentially billions more dollars on the backs of taxpayers, including seniors. 

AARP doesn’t think this is right.  We’re not against nuclear power but we are against deals that are cut behind closed doors that leave ratepayers and taxpayers holding the bag. And there is no independent evidence any new tax is needed. 


We can stop this bad deal with your help. Contact Governor Murphy  today. Tell him: No closed door deals! No Nuke Tax!

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