Tell Eugene City Councilors to Vote Yes for Housing Options.

 AARP supports the adoption of a city ordinance removing restrictions to Accessary Dwelling Units (ADUs) and SDUs (Secondary Dwelling Units). These little homes serve several purposes – a place for a loved one, additional income for the homeowner or the option of having a caregiver living close by so older adults can stay in their own home as they age. ADUs/SDUs also provide affordable housing for older residents looking to downsize or students.

We need you to TAKE ACTION! Fill out the form to email your Eugene City Councilor and tell them to support State Senate Bill (1051) that requires cities to change ordinances and code to allow ADUs (called SDUs in the city’s code) and limit barriers.



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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to stand with Eugene residents of all ages struggling in the current housing crisis. and Support State Senate Bill (1051).

We need housing options and allowing ADUs and SDUs to be built is a step in the right direction. Please vote yes to removing barriers to ADUs/SDUs in Eugene and help residents who are struggling to find affordable places to live and older residents looking for a way to stay in their neighborhoods.

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