Tell Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment To Pass Medicaid Expansion

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It’s time for the Virginia State Senate to finish their job of passing a state budget with Senators Emmett Hanger and Delegate Chris Jones to improve health care in the Commonwealth.

The House of Delegates came through for nearly 400,000 Virginians in the health care coverage gap and passed a budget that includes Medicaid expansion. Unfortunately, the State Senate did not follow in the House’s footsteps.  Now is the time to take action, tell your state senator to include Medicaid expansion in their version of the budget and why expanding Medicaid is important to you and your family.

Email Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment Jr. below and call him to his District Office at 757-259-7810 and tell him to “Stop stalling and pass a budget that includes our federal Medicaid Expansion dollars.” 


  • State Senator Thomas 'Tommy' K. Norment Jr.


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Don't Delay Medicaid Expansion Another Day

Dear [Decision Maker],

Virginians have waited long enough for access to health care coverage. We are asking you to follow the leadership of Senator Emmett Hanger and Delegate Chris Jones to finish the budget, expand Medicaid, and draw down available federal funds to close the health insurance gap in 2018.

You have the opportunity to use the federal funding available - about $142 million - to close the gap for the thousands of Virginians who need health care coverage.

The adults in the coverage gap work in the most important sectors of Virginia's economy such as food services, retail, and construction. These jobs often do not offer health insurance or pay them enough to afford coverage.

By closing the gap, Virginia could save state dollars and improve the delivery of mental health, substance abuse services, or help people in nursing homes by funding the state Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. Each month, Virginia could save $5.7 million in state dollars now spent on health care programs.

Those savings would offset new costs, resulting in an official NET state savings estimate of $138 million in general funds during fiscal years 2019 and 2020. Struggling rural hospitals will benefit from closing the gap, and will be able to keep their doors open.

Most importantly, thousands of Virginia families would get the health care they need. Do the right thing, and close the coverage gap.

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