Protect Vulnerable Homeowners from Deed Theft Scams

According to data collected by the New York State Department of Financial Services, lenders sent almost 170,000 pre-foreclosure notices to homeowners at risk of foreclosure in 2016 alone. Scammers are finding new and creative ways to prey on these and other vulnerable homeowners. Scammers make big promises to help people navigate their way out of crisis, only to end up taking the home themselves, or bilking the homeowner out of thousands of dollars for services that are never delivered.

We can and must do better to protect vulnerable homeowners. Senate bill S.6171 would expand legal protections for homeowners, and when a scammer is convicted, the bill would  create a clear legal path for those victimized to have the title of their property restored.

This legislation has already passed the Assembly, and is just awaiting a Senate vote before it can be sent to the Governor to be signed into law. Please take a moment to urge your Senator to pass S.6171 today.



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