Duke Energy hopes to spend billions more of NC ratepayers’ dollars on infrastructure, skipping the normal scrutiny from the North Carolina Utilities Commission. 

In its pending rate case filing, the company is seeking PRE-APPROVAL to impose a new costly surcharge on your bill, calling it “grid modernization”.

But residential customers may be asking: “Haven’t we always been paying for a modern grid?

Actually, what’s “modern” is the new way of getting customers to pay more.  This new effort would allow Duke to collect your money up front through a surcharge rather than face review from regulators.  The potential for charging residential ratepayers for infrastructure that benefits industrial or out-of-state customers is huge. Why should NC families subsidize companies or Duke’s out-of-state customers?

Public utility spending recovery belongs in base rates that regulators can review for fairness -- not in costly and unpredictable new surcharges on your Duke Energy bill.

Tell the NCUC to reject the settlement which gives open-ended blank checks from ratepayers to Duke Energy. Say no to a new costly surcharge. No blank checks!

Your voice matters!  Please take action and share your concerns with the NC Utilities Commission and the State Attorney General.

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