They got it wrong. You can make it right.


Emera Maine customers: The Public Utilities Commission just raised your rates.

For the third time in five years, Emera Maine received a rate increase from the state Public Utilities Commission (PUC). This will have impacts across many communities, especially on those older Mainers pinching pennies, living on fixed incomes. 

  • Emera Maine received a multi-million dollar corporate tax cut from Congress but refuses to pass those savings on to their Maine customers. 

  • Other state electric utilities have passed their corporate tax savings to their customers through reduced rates meaning lower bills. But not Emera. 
  • Three rate hikes in five years is unaffordable for older Mainers and their families.
  • The PUC got it wrong. Maine can't afford these rate hikes. You can help make it right. 

Mainers can't afford another rate increase. Tell the PUC they can do better in representing Maine utility consumers like you. Let's make it right.  

Send a message to the Maine Public Utilities Commission below. 


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