Help retain affordable high quality phone service to Ohio Consumers

A reliable network is essential for dependable access to 9-1-1 emergency services, especially older Ohioans who live in the rural area of the state. Both older persons and rural communities are far less likely to have a Broadband option. Currently, 75% of persons aged 65 and over continue to live in homes with landlines.

The Ohio House of Representatives is currently considering legislation that would harm the state’s most vulnerable citizens, those Ohioans age 65 and over who depend on landlines for basic phone service. There will be a vote on this bill tomorrow June 20, so quick action is needed to tell your state representative to vote no on Substitute House Bill 402.

Ohio Substitute House Bill 402 would:

  • Raise rates for an essential service, allowing basic phone service rates to increase by 20 percent;
  • Eliminate important service quality protections which would jeopardize the condition and quality of the phone network, upon which many Ohioans, especially older ones and those who live in rural areas of the state, rely.
  • Eliminate important state regulatory oversight of mergers and transfer which would open the door to service quality problems in Ohio, making it harder for regulators to detect and prevent out-of-service phone lines.


Let’s ensure that Ohio consumers retain access to affordable, reliable, high quality telecommunications service. Please contact your state representative and tell them to vote no on Sub. House Bill 402.




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Vote No on Ohio Sub. HB 402

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Please support Ohio consumers and Vote No on Sub. HB 402.

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