Take Action Now, Say No to PSO!

AARP members who receive their electricity from OG&E recently took action and received a historic decrease in their rates. Now it’s time for you to do the same. Right now PSO is trying to keep $428 million dollars of your money. Recently passed tax savings were supposed to be returned to you, but instead PSO wants to keep the savings for themselves. We need your help in asking the corporation commissioners to say No to PSO and make sure the over collected taxes are returned to you.

Fill in the form on this page to send an email to the corporation commissioners and let them know that you expect the recent tax savings to be returned to you, where they belong. Tell them to say No to PSO’s attempts to profit at your expense. You can also call the commissioners, toll free, at 1-844-248-8224.

Just like in the OG&E case, when you let your voices be heard, you win. Let’s fight together to keep electricity affordable and reliable! Let’s fight together to lower your rates! 



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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today to respectfully request that you return PSO's recent tax savings back to me, the customer. The tax savings in question were collected from me under the premise that they would be used to pay taxes, not used for profit. Now that tax rates have changed, those previously collected taxes should be returned. I urge you to tell PSO to return this over collection of taxes without delay.

Please consider the perspective of the customer and vote to return the over collected taxes back to us. With summer in full swing, we need relief from high energy bills.

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