Don’t Get Burned by the Utility Companies

Governor Brown recently created the Wildfires Preparedness and Response Conference Committee, comprised of legislators and leadership from both sides of the aisle. The Committee will hold its first hearing on SB 901 on July 25th at the State Capitol.

AARP members recently helped stop SB 1088, which would have given large utility companies a blank check to pass on their wildfire recovery costs to ratepayers. Because of you and other AARP activists, SB 1088 failed to make it out of the Assembly.

Unfortunately, big utilities don’t give up that easily. They have now convinced our state legislators to introduce two new bills -- SB901 and AB33 which would give utilities the same blank check that SB 1088 would have given them.

But California electric rates are already some of the highest in the nation and ratepayers simply cannot afford to pay more. 


Sign our petition TODAY to tell the members of the Wildfires Preparedness and Response Conference Committee that California ratepayers cannot afford further rate increases and should be forced to bail out utility companies.  

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No to Rate Increase!

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Californians already pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country. We CANNOT afford to pay even higher rates to pay for a blank check to utility companies.

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