No Kansan Should Go Hungry!

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, protects and strengthens the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

SNAP is an important part of the nutrition safety net and highly effective at alleviating food insecurity for over 112,800 Kansans in 2016. The program is particularly important for older adults, many of whom live on fixed incomes.

Under Senator Roberts’s leadership, the Senate farm bill protects SNAP and strengthens the program by reducing administrative barriers and improving employment and training opportunities. AARP supports the Senate bill’s change to allow states to extend the SNAP certification period which would make it easier for SNAP households with only members who are elderly or have a disability to continue receiving this nutritional assistance. In addition, we support the bill’s inclusion of additional employment and training opportunities for individuals on SNAP, including those targeted for individuals aged 50 years and older.  

Thank Senator Roberts for rejecting the harmful changes to SNAP that were included in the House-passed farm bill that would make it harder for individuals and families to access SNAP, particularly those ages 50-59



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