Take action now to help New Jersey workers save for their futures!



Right now, over half of New Jersey’s private sector workforce – 1.7million workers – do not have a way to save for retirement through their job. Yet we know that workers are 15 times more likely to save for retirement if they can do so at work.

While Social Security is a critical piece of the puzzle, it is not enough to depend on for financial security. The average Social Security benefit for a 65+ family is only about $19,000 per year, even though older New Jersey families spend over $23,000 a year on food, utilities and health care alone.

At this rate, one out of every two households won’t be able to afford their basic needs. AARP wants to change that.

Senate Bill 2891 – the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program Act – would put hard-working New Jersyeans in control of their future. Secure Choice creates an easy pathway for workers to save out of their regular paycheck. The professionally managed program would be available to Garden State workers who don’t currently have access to a retirement savings plan through their job – and would come at no ongoing cost to the state.This will run similar to a 529 college savings plan, and is an easy, stress-free way to grow savings so you can take control of your future.

The bill is sponsored by State Senators Joseph Lagana and Troy Singleton. Now it’s time for the rest of their colleagues in the Senate to support the bill. Please take a moment right now to urge your state senator to cosponsor the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program Act (S2891).


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Take action now to help New Jersey workers save for their futures!

Dear Senator  [Decision Maker],

New Jerseyans, like all Americans, are facing a retirement crisis. We know that Social Security alone isn't enough to get us through retirement but every day, 1.7 million New Jersey employees go to work without access to a 401(k) or any other way to save for their future on the job.

I'm writing to ask you to cosponsor the Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program Act (S2891) sponsored by Senators Lagana and Singleton. Secure Choice provides an easy, low-cost retirement savings option to help small businesses provide a way for their employees to save. It helps workers grow the savings they need to take control of their future, and helps small businesses to compete with the benefit packages provided by larger employers.

Workers who save for retirement rely less on public assistance later in life. In fact, enacting Secure Choice could save New Jersey taxpayers $194 million over the next 10 years. Secure Choice is a common sense solution it's smart for workers, businesses, and New Jersey taxpayers.

Secure Choice is a winning solution for all New Jerseyans, so I'm asking you to cosponsor S2891 today.

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