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You Can Keep Control of Your Family Property

AARP VI is advocating on your behalf on Bill NO. 32-0327 which is of benefit to all property owners and their heirs in The Virgin Islands and is particular interest to the elderly and person of lower and middle income. 


The Bill helps keep property out of probate thereby ensuring that property stays in the control of the owner and passes on to their intended heirs. This Bill brings together four (4) Uniform Acts: the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, the Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interest Act, the Uniform Custodial Trust Act, and the Uniform Partition of Heirs Act. 


Send a letter to your Governor and Senator and urge them to support the Uniform Acts Bill NO. 32-0327.



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Take Action on Bill NO:32-0327 - UNIFORM ACTS OF THE USVI

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to you to ask you to support Bill No. 32-0327, which includes four (4) acts of the Uniform Law Commission pertaining to Probate. This bill is very important to me and my family.

I am proud to be a Virgin Islander and it has always been very important to me to ensure that my children and family learn of our rich culture and history, which includes many of the beautiful landscapes and property we pass by every day. This is a small and tightly knit community and we are a beautiful melting pot of diverse people and cultures. I strive to see this community and beautiful islands continue to grow and progress. I hope to see our future generations continue to have a place they can call home, even after they relocate to the mainland to pursue their education. But existing laws on Probate are making that an impossible dream.

Our family history along with our passion for our islands are fading away when we leave them behind and they fall into an emotional state of turmoil, due to the lengthy and costly proceedings of probate. Oftentimes property has to be sold in order to cover the expense of getting other properties out of probate. Imagine my despair when I think that my children will not be able to inherit the property they rightfully should, until many years later, if at all, and won't have a home to live in due to the existing probate laws. My children should enjoy the home that they grew up in and will rightfully inherit when I am gone. They should be able to do so the minute I close my eyes forever.

As a property owner and a citizen of the Virgin Islands, I want to see the existing probate laws change. I wish that we will no longer see homes caught in the lengthy proceedings, quickly falling apart and crumbling day-by-day, and be enjoyed by my children and our future generations for years to come. Bill No. 32-0327 will provide that for me and my children and all Virgin Islanders. You too can benefit as a citizen of these territories. It benefits all of us.

I humbly ask you to please support Bill No. 32-0327 during the upcoming legislative session and meeting of the Committee of Rules and Judiciary. Please vote in favor of this bill to ensure we can pass on our properties to our heirs and future generations in a way that benefits them and benefits us. Our children are our future. Help ensure we can provide them with the foundation they need to continue to thrive and make these islands their home and a better place.

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