President Trump: Highlight the need to lower prescription drug prices

No one should ever have to make the choice between life-saving medications and putting food on the table, but too many older Americans do just that every single day.

We pay the highest drug prices in the world. President Trump has talked about the need to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but that hasn’t stopped drug companies from raising prices yet again in early 2019.

As President Trump prepares for the State of the Union, remind him of this priority, and ask him to use his speech to set this priority for Congress.


  • President Donald J. Trump


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Highlight the need to lower drug prices in the State of the Union

Dear [Decision Maker],

You talked about the need to lower prescription drug prices in 2018. But drug manufacturers once again raised prices this year, and prescription drug costs are out of control.

Americans shouldn't pay the highest prices in the world for prescriptions. Please highlight your plans for lowering drug prices during the State of the Union.

Thank you.

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