Help families have virtual visitation with their loved ones.

The bipartisan Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-term Care Facilities Act (HB 135) will give nursing home residents and their family members the ability to install a monitoring device in the resident's room, allowing family members to be a part of their loved one's care team.

HB 135:

Provides residents and families the option to install a monitoring device.

Provides that the nursing home resident or the resident's family member bears the cost of the camera.

Provides visual information when a nursing home resident especially those who are unable to tell their story is found with unexplained injury.

Ensures that the roommate of the resident with a camera has consented to the device installation.

Helps provide assurance to resident's family members that their loved one is receiving proper and appropriate care.

Allows for video evidence that can exonerate nursing facility staff when injuries occur due to an accident or are the fault of the resident.

HB 135 does NOT:

Require a resident to have a monitoring device.

Require a resident to share a room with someone who has a monitoring device.

Violate HIPAA, because the nursing home resident will only have the monitoring device if they choose to have it, and that resident's roommate must also agree to allow the camera in the room.

Allow videos from the monitoring device to be broadcast over the internet for general viewing.

Help protect seniors and persons with disabilities. Urge your representative to Vote Yes on House Bill 135.


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Support HB 135: Help families have virtual visitation with their loved ones

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