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Oklahoma ranks among the worst in the nation on several measures of quality of care in nursing homes. This must stop! AARP Oklahoma has created the Nursing Home CARE Plan which is a series of bills that begin to correct the ways in which our state’s most frail and vulnerable are cared for:

HB 1902 / SB280: Ties nursing home reimbursements to quality of care.

SB  142: Puts an end to the shameful and immoral practice of using antipsychotic drugs to sedate nursing home residents instead of providing proper medical care.

SB 888: Will make sure all Oklahoman’s are aware of the options available to them for long-term care and given the opportunity to receive care in the setting of their choice.

We need your help. Call your state senator today at 1-844-248-8227 or better yet, use the form on this page to E-mail them right now and tell them to support the AARP CARE Plan and help our state’s seniors live independent and dignified lives.


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Time to Protect our Seniors. Support the Nursing Home CARE Plan.

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please support AARP's Nursing Home CARE (Creating Accountability, Reform and Excellence) Plan. The CARE Plan includes SB888, SB142 and SB280/HB1902. We all are all tired of Oklahoma nursing home care and safety being ranked among the worst in the nation. It is unconscionable that we are not providing the care and dignity our state's most frail and vulnerable deserve.

Thank you for your support and helping to protect our state's most frail and vulnerable. If you are not familiar with AARP's Nursing Home CARE Plan, please reach out to Chad Mullen at I know he would be happy to work with you to make sure our seniors' health and wellbeing are protected.

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