It's time to hold drug company CEOs accountable

It’s time to hold drug company CEOs accountable

It’s outrageous that Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world — all while drug companies rake in massive and growing profits.

On February 26, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and other companies will sit in front of the Senate Finance Committee — and your senator/s will have a chance to hold these drug company CEOs accountable.

Tell your senator/s: Enough’s enough. Speak up for all Americans who can’t afford the medicines they need.


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Hold drug company CEOs accountable

Dear [Decision Maker],

On February 26, drug company CEOs will testify in front of you and other members of the Senate Finance Committee. Please think of constituents like me, as well as all the other Americans who pay the highest drug prices in the world, all while drug companies enjoy skyrocketing profits.

Senator, it's time to lower drug prices now. Please use the hearing on February 26 to hold drug company CEOs accountable. Your constituents will be watching.

Thank you.

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