Stop the Immoral Practice of Drugging Seniors

Oklahoma is #1 in the nation in the use of antipsychotic drugs without a psychiatric diagnosis in nursing home residents. Why? Instead of treating our nursing home residents with respect and dignity, and providing proper care, our nursing home owners simply sedate them with drugs that carry dangerous and deadly side effects. This must STOP!

Senate Bill 142 will require that a resident or their caregiver consent before being administered an antipsychotic and presented with less risky alternatives. It also will require a physician to determine the underlying problem which will lead to better and less intrusive treatments.

Will you help us fight this outrageous and immoral practice? E-mail your state representative today and ask them to vote yes on Senate Bill 142.


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Protect Seniors from Being Drugged, Vote Yes on SB 142

Dear [Decision Maker],

Did you know Oklahoma is #1 in the nation for the use of antipsychotic drugs without a psychiatric diagnosis in nursing home residents? As your constituent, I request that you protect our most vulnerable citizens. Powerful antipsychotic drugs with harmful side effects are being used unnecessarily to sedate thousands of nursing home residents each year.

When families make the difficult decision to place someone they love in a nursing home, they do so with the expectation that their loved one will be safe. Too often, the off-label use of powerful drugs on residents is having harmful--even lethal--consequences.

I ask that you stop this outrageous and immoral practice in Oklahoma nursing homes. Please vote yes on SB 142.

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