Give Nurses Full Authority to Heal

How far do you travel for your health care? We need your help to ease the Kansas Physician Shortage!

More than 345,000 Kansans care for their parents, spouses, friends, siblings or other loved ones to help them live independently at home  and stay our of costly taxpayer funded institutional settings. If you're not a family caregiver now, you will likely be one in the future. Today, Kansas family caregivers overwhelmingly support (86%) giving Nurse practitioner's who often visit older patients in their homes full authority to heal as one commonsense solution to help make their big responsibilities a little easier.

America's physician shortage is hitting Kansas hard six counties do not have a physician and 8 have only one.

That's why AARP Kansas is urging Kansas legislators to pass HB 2066 as amended by the house House Health and Human Services Committee. The bill will allow nurse practitioners and advanced practice registered nurses to provide quality care that patients and their families depend on.







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Did You Know Kansas Has a Physician Shortage?

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