Tell Your House Representative to Stop Rx Greed

Every day, millions of older Washingtonians struggle to afford their lifesaving prescription medicine. 

Many are having to make heartbreaking choices between food, medicine, and other bills. That’s why AARP Washington supports SB 5292 which requires increased transparency about prescription drug development and the pricing process from drug manufacturers AND insurance companies.

Take action by urging your elected representative to Stop Rx Greed and pass SB 5292 to help control prescription drug prices NOW.

Together, we can stand up to drug manufacturers and insurance companies by demanding more drug pricing transparency.

Your House Representative has an opportunity to fight for every Washingtonian who pays too much for the prescriptions that they need.

Enough is enough. With your voice we can take steps to fix this injustice. Hold drug manufacturers and insurance companies accountable for skyrocketing drug prices. 

Take action! Ask your House Representative to pass SB 5292 and Stop Rx Greed. 


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Legislators Should Stop Rx Greed: Vote Yes on SB 5292

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