Put a Secure Future within Everyone's Reach


Nearly half of Colorado’s private sector workforce does not have a way to save for retirement at work, putting them at risk of not even being able to afford everyday expenses like food and healthcare.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Right now, our state legislators are considering Senate Bill 20-200 to create the Colorado Secure Savings Program to put a more secure future within everyone’s reach.

The Colorado Secure Savings Program provides an easy, low-cost retirement savings option for businesses that do not currently offer a workplace savings plan and ensures that employees have the chance to set aside money out of their regular paycheck. Employees have full control over if they want to participate, how much they want to put away, and what they want to invest in. In addition, employee retirement savings are portable, allowing the account to follow workers even if they change jobs.

We need to act now to help people save for retirement, or it will cost taxpayers a lot later on. Research shows that Colorado taxpayers could save up to $32.7 million on social programs over the next 10 years by helping Colorado residents save for the future now.

There is a cost to doing nothing. Tell your state officials to pass the Colorado Secure Savings Program now to put a secure future within everyone’s reach.




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