Thank Governor Baker for signing the Credit Freeze Bill!

Governor Baker Signs H.4806

AARP Massachusetts thanks Governor Baker for signing H.4806 -  An Act Relative to Consumer Protection from Security Breaches, and we want you to join us!  Use the action alert below to help us thank Governor Baker for signing this important legislation into law. 

We also thank the Massachusetts General Court for taking additional steps to strengthen last year’s action by the federal government related to security breaches.  The bill was sponsored by Senator Barbara L’Italien (Andover) and Representative Jennifer Benson (Lunenburg). We thank the sponsors and six members of the conference committee; Representatives Tackey Chan (Quincy), Daniel Hunt (Dorchester), Randy Hunt (Sandwich) and Senators Barbara L’Italien (Andover), John Kennan (Quincy), Ryan Fattman (Webster) for their efforts to help the Commonwealth’s consumers.

With credit-reporting firm Equifax revealing that hackers may have stolen financial and consumer data  on at least 143 million customers in the U.S., it’s quite possible that your personal information — including birth date, Social Security number, driver’s license and address — could fall into the hands of criminals.

Equifax said that it hasn’t found evidence of unauthorized activity on its core consumer or commercial credit-reporting databases. But criminals could use the treasure trove of personal information acquired in the breach to apply for credit cards and loans in your name, access your bank accounts and establish a phony presence online with email and social media accounts.

One of the most common types of identity theft is the “new account” variety, where a criminal uses stolen information to open new credit cards and loan accounts in your name.  A credit report security freeze allows an individual to voluntarily choose to restrict access to her/his credit report. A credit report security freeze can make it more difficult for criminals to steal an identity by opening new accounts in someone’s name.  It does not affect the person’s credit score, and can be removed at any time.

H.4806 removes all fees when placing, suspending  and/or removing a credit report security freeze — regardless of the number of times a freeze is placed or removed.

Write Governor Baker and thank him for signing H.4806– An Act relative to consumer protection from security breaches into law.


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