ACTION ALERT: Energy Companies are Coming After YOUR Money!

Please Don't Raise My Gas & Electric Rates!

Stop Utility Bill

Managing my utility costs are already a major headache and a strain on my wallet. I can't handle an unnecessary increase on rates for electricity and gas I'm not even using. This anti-consumer legislation is NOT okay. Energy companies should not be able to forecast my gas & electric usage and charge me before I use it - if I use it. 

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Stand up to the energy lobby and stand for Maryland ratepayers.

Please consider the burden the passage of this legislation may have on lower-income and fixed-income ratepayers such as myself. Don't give utility companies like Exelon, BG&E, Pepco, Delmarva Power and Washington Gas the flexibility to increase utility rates as they see fit, on a whim.  

The House failed us, we’re counting on YOU to help.


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Late Wednesday night, the House Economic Matters Committee sided with Energy Industry lobbyists to pass HB 653 "Electric Companies and Gas Companies Rate Regulation Alternative Rate Plans," also known as the "Utility Wish List." This anti-consumer legislation will upend the regulatory authority of the Public Service Commission, which protects Maryland's utility rate payers, especially seniors on fixed incomes.

Please stand up to the Energy Lobby and vote "No" on this bill.

We can't let this legislation pass! Please stand up to the Energy Lobby and protect Maryland's rate payers by voting NO on HB 653.

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