Maine: Stand up to Big Pharma  










Star, AARP volunteer and Portland resident, standing to #StopRxGreed.

Big Pharma is sending lobbyists to the Maine State House to try to shut down needed, fair, and safe prescription drug reform. We're asking our state legislators to stand up to Big Pharma and remind them that we're people, not profits. 

Mainers, like all Americans, are paying the highest prices in the world for the prescription medications they need. Nationwide, we spend upwards of $450 billion a year on prescription drugs and the skyrocketing costs are hurting older Mainers and their families - forcing them to choose between necessities like food, fuel, and other healthcare needs. 

We can't afford to keep kicking this can down the road. We aren't waiting for a silver bullet from Washington or Congress to fix this problem. That's why we're working right here in Maine, with state legislators in Augusta, to make real progress and lower prescription drug prices for Mainers. 

Sign your name and stand with us. 

It's time to remind Big Pharma that Mainers are people, not profits. 


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