Minnesotans Can't Wait One More Year!

Every week, the Minnesota Department of Health receives approximately 400 cases of abuse and neglect of Minnesotans in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Lawmakers have committed to fixing this serious problem and we'd like to thank them for that. Proposed legislation in the Senate (SF8) brings Minnesota a step closer to protecting Minnesotans in long-term care facilities by requiring licensure of long-term care residential facilities. However, it does not provide immediate protections against retaliation and arbitrary discharge while licensure is being established.

How much longer must Minnesota's seniors and vulnerable adults in long-term care residential facilities go without protections from abuse and neglect?

Minnesota's seniors and vulnerable adults need you to speak up for them!

Write your Senator today and thank them for their commitment to this issue. Then urge him or her to put in place immediate protections for residents.


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