Thank Lawmakers for Ensuring New Mexicans Have Secure Retirement

Too many New Mexicans working in the private sector don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work. But now – thanks to the efforts of our elected officials – finding viable savings options for these individuals will continue.

The New Mexico State Senate passed Senate Memorial 119 to ensure that State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg will continue the work of the Retirement Income Security Task Force and seeks ways to implement its recommendations.

We know that Social Security alone cannot provide a secure retirement as the average benefit in New Mexico is just under $14,000 a year. Therefore more needs to be done to give people the option of saving retirement in an easy and cost effective way that is not overly burdensome on business owners.

But finding just the right option for New Mexico workers and their employers is paramount to such a program’s success. SM119 ensures that the research and planning needed is done to setup a viable option for New Mexico.

Join AARP New Mexico in thanking Treasure Eichenberg, Sen. Bill Tallman and Rep. Tomás Salazar for being champions for New Mexico workers and seeking options so people have a reasonable way to save for retirement.


Jennifer Baier

Interim State Director

AARP New Mexico 


  • State Senator Bill G. Tallman
  • State Representative Tomas E. Salazar
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Thank You for Working Hard on Behalf of New Mexico Workers

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for working hard during the 2019 Legislative Session to ensure New Mexicans have access to retirement savings options.

As you know too many New Mexico workers don't have access to a retirement savings plan through their place of employment. We must make every effort to change this by giving those employees realistic options for saving for retirement.

I am glad to know that you will continue working on this issues until we can bring a solid plan of action to the New Mexico Legislature in the near future.
Without a workplace savings plan, many New Mexicans will not be able to have a financially secure retirement and may have to make difficult choices between food, medicine or utilities.

It is important that workers receive a retirement savings option sooner than later not only so they can retire with dignity but also don't place an unnecessary burden on state services.

Thank you again for all you do for New Mexico Workers.

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