Tell Your Senator to Crack Down on Phone Call Spoofing!

Your state senator needs to hear from you today on an issue most of us can agree on. We need to find ways to rein in the practice of call spoofing and prevent phone scam artists from harassing and preying on consumers.

LB693, the Neighbor Spoofing Protection Act introduced by State Senator Steve Halloran, bans scammers from sending fake caller ID information to phones with the intent to defraud consumers. The Nebraska Public Service Commission could fine violators as much as $2,000 for each offense. LB693 also authorizes the Nebraska Attorney General to take legal action against spoofers.

This bill will not solve the robocalls epidemic but is a worthy first step state lawmakers should support. Consumers can also expect major phone carriers to begin using new technology later this year to help reduce spoofed robocalls on mobile phones.

Nebraskans deserve protection from these fraudulent calls that often deceive older, vulnerable adults into giving away personal information like their Social Security numbers or into buying worthless products and services.

Please send a message to your senator today. Urge him or her to vote in support of LB693 and share your personal experience with robobcalls if you wish.

You may also share your story or comment with bill sponsor Sen. Halloran at


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Call Spoofing - LB693

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to ask you to support LB693, the Neighbor Spoofing Protection Act. Spoofing is a scourge which Nebraskans hate. With 9 in 10 scam calls expected to come from a familiar area code in 2019, our state needs to start cracking down on this practice.

LB693 would ban callers from sending deceptive caller ID information to phones and allow the Nebraska Public Service Commission to fine violators up to $2,000 for each offense. It would also give the Nebraska Attorney General the authority to take legal action against spoofers.

Thank you for considering support of LB693. By voting for this legislation, you are demonstrating support for measures to help shield Nebraskans and their loved ones from harassing scam calls and strengthen consumers' defenses against fraud.

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