Can You Afford Higher Utility Bills?

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Can you afford to pay hundreds of dollars more every year just to keep your lights on the water running, and stay warm in the winter?

Right now the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities – the regulatory agency that oversees the utility industry - is considering whether or not to raise rates for all New Jerseyans by billions and billions of dollars.  Every NJ gas, electric and some water utilities want to hike your rates - a lot.  If approved, every ratepayer will see their bills soar.


Basic utilities are lifeline services – we need them for our very health and safety. When utility bills go up it hits everyone’s pocket book, especially those on fixed incomes or struggling to make ends meet. Your voice can make the difference in making sure you pay only what is fair and reasonable for reliable utility service.

Tell the five BPU Commissioners to put consumers first and make sure our bills are affordable. They can start by:

1. Rejecting PSEG’s proposed $300 million/year nuclear tax that would increase profits for this already profitable company.

 2. Requiring utility companies open their books at least every three years to ensure we are not being overcharged for our utility services.

 3. Stop the use of interim rates in base rate proceedings. This allow utility companies to increase rates before a determination that the price is fair and reasonable  No utility customer should be used as a bank to make lucrative loans to wealthy energy corporations.


  • The Honorable Upendra Chivukula
  • The Honorable Joseph Fiordaliso
  • The Honorable Bob Gordon
  • The Honorable Mary-Anna Holden
  • The Honorable Dianne Solomon


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