Please urge your Senator to Vote "YES" on HB 46--Manufactured Home Owners deserve a fair deal!

Manufactured Homeowners cannot simply relocate their homes or walk away when disputes arise with Land Owners. Without access to legal representation, they are at a disadvantage. HB 46 sets aside 50 cents a month from each Home Owner to create an "Attorney Trust Fund". The fund pays for an attorney to represent Home Owners. No taxpayer money is used. This bill will ensure that Home Owners have fair and equal access to legal representation to protect their homes. 

The Manufactured Home Owners bill has passed out of committee and is going to the full Senate for a vote. Urge your Senator to support HB 46.


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Without legal representation, Manufactured Home Owners are at a disadvantage when disputes arise with Land Owners. HB 46 will ensure that they have access to legal representation, using fees paid by the homeowners themselves.

Please help Delaware Manufactured Homeowners get a fair deal by voting "yes" for HB 46.

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